Who We Are

Gold Miners is a group of bitcoin and gold enthausiasts commited to teaching the masses about the benefits of investing in cryptocurrency. The founders have a wealth of experience in these and can guide you to a life of financal freedom.

What Do We Do

Well firstly, we start by helping you build cashflow through our refferal program, then as you accumulate more money, we introduce you to our other business opportunities that will help you earn even more cash and finally, you will have enough money to start trading in cryptocurrency. Sounds easy, doesn't it?

How Do We Do It?

We have designed an easy to follow guide that allows you to learn about cryptocurrency while earning money in dollars. The cash you raise can be used to pay for emergencies should they arise.

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Why Us?

We have designed a tried and tested framework that works using years of experience in similar but less lucrative and sustainable projects that have been successful in the past.

What is bitcoin
and where does it come from?

Bitcoin started out as a decentralised cryptocurrency invented by a group of programmers in 2008/9
and used as a peer to peer system of payment.

Bitcoin today

Bitcoin has no intrinsic value, yet today, a Bitcoin is valued in the region of R15.9k and has turned into a billion dollar market.

The Growth of Bitcoin

This virtual currency is open source and the Bitcoin community is growing at a rapid rate globally. We want to add more South Africans to this community which is why we offer free workshops showing how you can mine and trade Bitcoin successfully, Contact us today!


Paying with Bitcoins

Bitcoin can be traded and exchanged for other currencies and as from 2015 over 100,000 merchants accept Bitcoin as payment. Bitcoins are linked to individual signatures that prove ownership and that ownership can be transferred.

Benefits of mining Bitcoins with GOLDMINERS

More disposable income
Make money while you sleep
Spend more time with your family
Do more of the things you want to do
Take more overseas holidays
Clear debt quickly .

Frequently Asked Questions

Goldminers is a community that uses a peer-to-peer based system to make transactions to each other. These transactions take place between participants directly, without an intermediary. The people within the community use Rands or Bitcoin as a currency of choice to cater for both local (South Africa) and international markets. The participants are referred as “Goldminers”, these are the people who are already on a lookout for opportunities that will change their lives.
Goldminers is not owned by a single person or entity. A group of gold and bitcoin enthusiasts, professionals, network marketers, programmers and entrepreneurs from all walks of life that specialise in different business fields combined all their skills to launch a very simple concept designed to provide cash-flow and sustainable income for the people with the aim to further grow the number of entrepreneurs in the country.
As many as you wish. The more you share, the more you earn.
You will be activated as soon as all 3 sponsors and membership fee has been verified. Proof of payments need to be sent to admin.
After paying all 3 sponsors and membership fee you will be activated. You can then immediately share the Goldminers opportunity with friends, family and loved ones. As soon as they join in and share with their friends, your success journey begins.
The best way to achieve success is to first help others succeed. You need to help others first in order for others to help you in return.
A community member like you, who has also transferred funds to other community members.
Goldminers uses only Bitcoins as a currency of choice.
There are no guarantees. Goldminers is set by the people, and it rely on new members joining the community. Everything is based on trust. Just like the Bank cannot give you a guarantee of payment of your money should it stop operating. All that Goldminers request from new members is honesty.
Save it in your bitcoin wallet. Goldminers’ main goal is to guide you and your team into earning four streams of income from legit online businesses. When you hit a specified amount of bitcoins received from your direct and indirect referrals on Goldminers, you will be guided to channel some of your bitcoins into other streams of income.
To empower and educate as much people as we can on gold & bitcoin. To educate people to cash-in on this bitcoin revolution as thousands of on-line retailers that accept bitcoins and transfers is growing daily. We motivate our people to not spend all the money they make out of our programme and instead channel a portion they make into starting their own businesses and be able to grow sustainable wealth as entrepreneurs
To significantly grow the number of bitcoin community globally. As our membership grows large we can all be a huge piece of this industry. To significantly grow the number of entrepreneurs who started from the ground level with little or no capital as we will be guiding them to re-channel some of the money they make into starting up their own businesses.

Contact Us

We are here to guide you every step of the way so don't hesitate to call us or send us a mail.


Phone 1: 081 414 4480

Phone 2: 078 637 0516

We do not know if you will do anything or if you will commit to promoting Goldminers to your friends and loved ones so we do not know how much you will earn. The compensation plans you see depend on the hard work you and your team puts in. There is no magic pill. What we do know is that our formula is very simple, and very easy to follow. Those who follow the system and produce good results will be shown other re-investment channels where they will grow other legit businesses. Goldminers’ mission is to help grow our economy by developing Entrepreneurs who will create wealth that is sustainable. The more you share, the more you will earn!

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